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Who We Are

St. Peter’s United Church of Christ, is a renewing church located in urban Louisville. This 175 year-old church is located in the Russell community, directly across the street from the largest public housing community (Beecher Terrace) in Jefferson County, KY, with 760 individual and family units.


Our mission as the church is to plant and cultivate seeds of necessity in our community through spiritual guidance, while continually seeking ways and opportunities to educate, inform and empower the congregation and community to understand, identify and to be effective advocates for social justice policies that better their individual lives and the world in which we live.


The current ministries of St. Peter’s UCC are led by passionate leadership, both clergy and lay, enthusiastically embracing God as the head of the Church, and salvation through the acceptance of his son Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We promote the identity of the United Church of Christ, feeding all people willing to dine at St. Peter’s, both inside and outside with spiritual and physical food, blended worship and music, ministry and mission through partnership and covenantal relationships with Christian believers, and finally building and strengthening the family unit through spiritual, social and educational programs.

The church has a current multi-cultural, multi-generation membership of 160 adults, youth and children. Fire for 30 (Bible Study) and Worship Services are held each week on Sundays. Services are filled with praise and worship, a variety of music including traditional and contemporary styles, and of course the spoken Word proclaimed by a team of anointed and called pastors and preachers.

We are a church that reaches into the community to meet residents in the surrounding area at the point of need. In just six years, St. Peter’s UCC has partnered with several agencies to include weekly AA meetings, food distribution, a clothes closet, child abuse prevention education, volunteerism, Summer Enrichment Programs and employment, on-site childcare, nutritional and exercise programs and most recently, the Molo Village, a Christian Community Development Corporation created at St. Peter’s, envisioned to be a shelter, a place of transformation, a place where families care for each other as we are nurtured and taught through education, community service and healthy living; all of which is essential for a healthy community.

St. Peter’s is a place of hope, justice, peace and compassionate welcome; a place where no matter where you find yourself on the journey of life, you are welcomed to be a part of this faith community.

                                                                                        Rev. Dr. Jamesetta Ferguson
                                                                                                  Senior Pastor

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